Free things to do in Japan! Must visit “Asahi Breweries Tour”


I will be visiting Japan and will stay near Tokyo area.

Do you have any recommendation of where I can visit for free??

If you are looking for such a place, how about this place?

Asahi Breweries Tour

free things to do in Japan

They accept factory tours at eight Asahi beer factories in Japan.
Visit one of their factories near your place of stay.

  • Asahi Breweries Hokkaido Brewery
  • Asahi Breweries Fukushima Brewery
  • Asahi Breweries Ibaraki Brewery
  • Asahi Breweries Kanagawa Brewery
  • Asahi Breweries Nagoya Brewery
  • Asahi Breweries Suita Brewery
  • Asahi Breweries Shikoku Brewery
  • Asahi Breweries Hakata Brewery

In this article we will report on the Asahi Breweries Tour.

Asahi Breweries Ibaraki Brewery

Of the eight factories, we visited the Asahi Breweries Ibaraki Brewery.

Asahi Breweries Ibaraki Brewery location

How to get to Asahi Breweries Ibaraki Brewery

If you come from Tokyo Station, the following route is the shortest.

Tokyo Station
Train Keihintohoku Line to Minami-Urawa
4 min (2 stops)
Akihabara Station (*JR Akihabara Station)
Walk About 6 min
Akihabara Station(*Tsukuba Express Akihabara Station)
Train Tsukuba Express to Tsukuba
32 min (7 stops)
Moriya Station
Asahi Brewery tour has free shuttle busses.
Asahi Breweries Ibaraki Brewery

It will take 1 hour and 10 min. from Tokyo Station to Asahi Breweries Ibaraki Brewery.

Asahi Breweries Factory Tour for free

We will introduce the flow of Asahi Brewery factory tour with photos.

At the end of the factory tour, visitors can taste beer and drink up to 3 glasses of fresh beers per person for free.

Soft drinks are also available.

free things to do in Japan

When the shuttle bus arrives and enters the factory, there is an entrance.

They have a diaper changing space and a nursing room, so you can enjoy your tour with your baby.

free things to do in Japan

First, watch a video about Asahi Beer’s efforts in a hall overlooking a lovely garden.

free things to do in Japan

One person guide will accompany you to the group and explain.

Also, they have English, Chinese or other language version guidebooks.

free things to do in Japan

From the ceiling, you can see a later tasting venue called AIM Tower.

The tour seems to be 60 meters.

free things to do in Japan

Fermentation process

free things to do in Japan

You can touch and eat malt and hops, which are the ingredients of beer.

The malt was fragrant and delicious.

One 20 meter beer tank



free things to do in Japan

Each process will be explained on the panel.

Bottling process

It seems to be a structure with no pillars for loading large machines.

Transfer escalators and elevators to the tasting venue.

アサヒビール工場見学 試飲会場

It seems to be 60 meters above the ground.

Nice view!

A panoramic view of Sky Tree and Mount Tsukuba.


There were 4 types of beer and 6 types of free soft drinks.

The glass was enough big.

Snacks are also free. It was delicious.


After enjoying your beers, take the elevator to the 1st floor exit.

There is also a free bus back to Moriya Station.

Enjoy your Japan trip for free

We reported on the “Asahi Beer Factory Tour”, one of good places you can enjoy for free in Japan.

Enjoy your Japan trip!

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