1 Day Travel Plan near Tokyo, where to go within 2 hours from Tokyo, Tsukuba

travel near tokyo

I would like to introduce one of the unknown but good sightseeing place near Tokyo.


Tsukuba within two hours from Tokyo

Asakusa, Akihabara or Sky tower trees?

Yes, I think they are very famous places to visit in Tokyo.

But, If you have time to go out to unknown sightseeing spots in the country, one of the good place is Tsukuba area.

The location of Tsukuba

Tsukuba city is about 62km from Tokyo station.

Almost no convenient transportation to get to Tsukuba before, but we have “Tsukuba express” from Akihabara to Tsukuba.

Tsukuba Ume festival

The Mt.Tsukuba plum grove is located halfway up the mountain and approx. 1000 ume trees will bear white or pink blossoms in early spring.

If you visit Japan during March (actually end of Feb. to Mar.) I suggest to see Ume.

travel near tokyo


Many Ume trees they  look like Sakura.


Travel Plan near Tokyo, Tsukuba Ume festival

Also, mountain view in Tsukuba is very beautiful.

One good restaurant for your lunch or dinner in Tsukuba

I suggest one of good restaurant that I and my family also visit sometimes when we were living in Tsukuba.

They serve fresh pork dish, diary products in a cosy buffet style.

We came the restaurant for our lunch. They serve a lot of variety of pork dishes, buffet style salad and drinks and sweets after your meal.

Travel Plan near Tokyo, lunch time

Pork main dish that I ordered.

Trip to Japan! within 2 hours from Tokyo

The buffet area. 
They serve all organic vegetables. So healthy!


travel near tokyo

Good for walking after your lunch or dinner around the restaurant.


Trip to Japan! within 2 hours from Tokyo

Entrance of Tsukuba ham

Location of Tsukuba ham

For travelers, I think taking a taxi from Tsukuba station or Kenkyugakuen station is better way to get into Tsukuba ham.


How to get to Tsukuba to see Tsukuba Ume festival

If you will come from Tokyo or any other places in Japan, taking Tsukuba Express (TX) train is the easiest choice to get to  Tsukuba.

If you come from Narita airport taking shuttle bus is also good choice.

From Tokyo to Tsukuba:

1  . Head to Akihabara Station. 


It might be hard to find Akihabara TX station. You may follow the blue mark of “TX”.

2.  Take the Tsukuba Express (TX) to Tsukuba Station (approx. 45 minutes).

3.  At Tsukuba station, take the shuttle bus bound for Tsukuba Shrine (approx. 40 minutes).

4.  Get off at either Tsukuba Shrine or if you opt for the Mt. Tsukuba ropeway, exit at Tsutsujigaoka bus stop (approx. 50 minutes).

From Narita airport to Tsukuba:

They have Narita to Tsukuba station direct shuttle bus.
You can book your bus at the Narita airport.

For more details about Narita to Tsukuba bus, please check the website.

Planning to purchase your flight tickets

As a conclusion, If you plan to purchase your flight tickets and hotel reservation, "Expedia" is our recommendation.

Expedia is cheaper when you buy your tickets and hotel reservation as a set.

Where to stay to explore Tokyo

Staying in Tsukuba area is recommended to explore around Tokyo.

But, I personally think, center of Tokyo is too crowded to stay also Tsukuba is much cheaper than Tokyo.

Tsukuba may be not so famous, but please do not forget that there are also many hotels or Ryokans in Tsukuba area.


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