Top 3 must visit places in Bohol Island – Selected by a Japanese who lives in Philippines

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Bohol Island can be reached about 100 km from Cebu Island in the Philippines.

There are many diving places including the beach of Panglao Island that is one of the popular islands for divers.

Even if you are not diving, you may have heard the names of “Chocolate Hills” or the world’s smallest primate Filipino Megan Monkey (Tasha).

But I have never been Bohol Island despite working in Manila for four years.

Finally, I traveled to whole Bohol Island with my backpack and I found I should tell you these beautiful places.

Here is the best top3 places in Bohol, Philippines from Japanese point of view.

About Bohol Island

Bohol Island is one of the islands of the Visayas Islands in the central Philippines and is the 10th largest in the Philippines.

​​Bohol Island has 4117 km2 and about 1.14 million people live in.
The main city is Tagbilaran, Bohol State Capital.



It’s about 100km from Cebu Island, so when you go to Cebu, you can also enjoy one day trip to Bohol Island.

Top3 places in Bohol Island

Bohol Island has many attractions, but please let me introduce three selected from the perspective of the Philippine residents.

No.1 Chocolate Hills

Topographical features like a large pile of mushroom mountains, Chocolate Hills.
Chocolate Hills, that is the one that I wanted to see the most during my trip.

What is Chocolate Hills?

The Chocolate Hills (Cebuano: Mga Bungtod sa Tsokolate) are a geological formation in the Bohol province of the Philippines.[1] There are at least 1,260 hills but there may be as many as 1,776 hills spread over an area of more than 50 square kilometers (20 sq mi).

From Wiki


… Chocolate Hills is the name of the terrain rather than the mountain

There was an observation deck, and I was overwhelmed by the view from there.


ボホール島ひとり旅 チョコレートヒルズ

Many small hills 

The observation deck has stairs connected to the top of the hill.


You might think, “It’s Chocolate Hills but not chocolate color.”

I visited there in August, just after the rainy season is over.
In the dry season, the mountains turn brown and are called “chocolate” hills.

Resident of Chocolate Hills

I was wondering that “Chocolate Hills are endless, someone can live in?”

Then, I asked the locals.

He answered, “Yes, some live in Chocolate Hills.”

ボホール島ひとり旅 チョコレートヒルズ


Yes, on the photo above, you may see one small house that has brown roof.


No.2 Hinagdanan Cave

If you like mysterious natural beauty, you should visit Hinagdanan Cave.

Inside of Hinagdanan Cave

Best places in Bohol Island in Philippines


You will find that the entrance is a bit hard to find.
There is a signboard like this at the entrance, then you pay 25 pesos.

Now you go down and you will see these beautiful views.


Best places in Bohol Island in Philippines

 Blue and clean water

Best places in Bohol Island in Philippines

The ceiling is high.


The cave is below underground so that the floor is very wet and slippery, Your outdoor sandals are good choice.


Best places in Bohol Island in Philippines


The light inserted from the outside.


Best places in Bohol Island in PhilippinesBest places in Bohol Island in Philippines


Hinagdanan Cave was one of the places that did never get bored.

Location of Hinagdanan Cave

I went to Hinagdanan Cave by a motorbike taxi from my hotel.

※ Motorbike taxi = You may get motorbike anywhere near your hotel. You may negotiate how much you pay with the taxi driver.

No.3 Bohol Bee Farm

I have not stayed, but I had lunch at “Bohol Bee Farm Hotel“.

Beauty of Bohol Bee Farm

Best places in Bohol Island in Philippines

Best places in Bohol Island in Philippines


Once I got into inside the hotel:


Best places in Bohol Island in Philippines


There are many cottages line up! How wonderful!

Bohol Bee Farm Hotel is surrounded with mountains and forests, and there are almost no tourist attractions. Very quiet.

Their guests are coming for spending slow and luxurious moments .

Bohol Bee Farm Hotel stands on a cliff along the coast and you can hear the sound of the waves.

Bohol Bee Farm Hotel’s activities

Bohol Bee Farm Hotel is very large and lots of activities are held in their field that anyone can join.


Best places in Bohol Island in Philippines


You can try to weave the locally famous textiles.

It was difficult for me because the warp was very long.


Best places in Bohol Island in Philippines


You can also lift a box of honey! I was not stabbed.

Bee Farm only is famous that their farm grows high quality edible flowers.

Thus, Bee Farm bees suck in such delicious flower and store their honey.

And all the fresh vegetables served at the Bee Farm’s restaurant come from Bohol Bee Farm.

The salad was sprinkled with colorful flowers and it was delicious.

Bohol Bee Farm Hotel location

I would like to visit Bohol again only to stay at Bohol Bee Farm Hotel!



It was very fun trip even if I traveled alone, but if it were my honeymoon or family trip, I think it was much better.
In the evening, the cottages and the seaside will be very romantically lit up.

If you are considering traveling to Bohol, take a look at some of the great photos on the following Agoda sites:

How to get to Bohol Island

There is no direct flight to Bohol (Panglao (TAG) Airport), so you can transfer at Manila or other international airport.



In my case, I went to Bohol (Panglao (TAG)) from Manila by Cebu pacific.

How was my article of  “4 best places of Bohol Island chosen by Philippine residents”?
Enjoy your travel!

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