SEO Techniques that work 2019!

Include your target keyword (1)

The 17 techniques came from web developer in USA who has been working in SEO.

I have another site that I have not maintained for a while.
I applied all of these 17 techniques on the site for effectiveness measurement.

Status of my site before I applied these 17 SEO techniques

  • Number of published contents: 19 articles
  • PV in latest 1 month: 216 PV
  • Average PV per one day: 7.2 PV

PV in 1 month

I applied all of these 17 SEO techniques on my site.

What I did is described in gray boxed in following section.

SEO Techniques that work 2019

I learned these 17 SEO tips and applied them to another website. I will report you after I get the result if they actually work or not.

Technique 1:Use shorter URLs for your site address
Short URLs with around 17 or so characters are highly likely to rank better than longer URLs.


Technique 2: Include your target keyword in URL of each contents
Whenever you write a new article, make that URL short and include your target keyword in the URL.

Include your target keyword (2)

My keyword in that site is “rarejob” so that the keyword has been added in some URLs of my articles.

Include your target keyword (1)

A profile page is an exception for the technique because it is the profile.


Technique 3: Use LSI keywords in your content
LSI keywords are defined as words or phrases used by search engines to understand what your content is about.


Technique 4: Publish long content

Remember that longer content outrank shorter content.


Technique 5: Optimizing your title tag for click through rate

You should optimize your title tag for high CTR. When people search for a keyword and click on the result, it means it sends a strong message to Google. Google will be likely to give you a ranking boost.

  • Add brackets and parentheses to the title  like “”, [], .etc.
  • Use modifiers in the titles like best, top year.


In this article “2” and “【】” have been added.

SEO Tech5-add-modifier

In this article “2019” and “【】” have been added.


Technique 6: Use external links

Google considers external links as an on-page ranking factor.


To create external links to my site, I linked my articles with my SNS “はてぶ”.
はてぶ is one of famous Japanese SNS that allows users to add any bookmarks and links.
Also, my twitter timeline was used to create some external links.

Technique 7: Use internal links
Whenever you publish a new article, just link back this to 2 to 5 older pages on your website that you want to rank higher.


Technique 8: Maximize your Website speed

Invest in premium hostings like Web Synthesis or Liquid Web.

make image size smaller
Web Synthesis or Liquid Web is high performance system for enterprises. In my case, to boost site speed I tried to reduce all of images size within 100kb.


Technique 9: Include multimedia in your content

Use tons of screenshots, videos, and charts in your content. When using a lot of multimedia in the content, people stay longer on your site.

SEO tips add-image-top
My site did not have many images so that I added top images in all of my articles.


Technique 10: Content title should include your keyword


Technique 11: Know about a heading
Your keywords should be included in H1 tag, also you need to have the keyword within your first paragraph or your first sentence.


Technique 12: In a heading tag should include your keyword
Using various keywords in your headings and even subheadings


Technique 13: Make sure that all of your content is spelled out correct.

If Google catch spelling errors, they are actually going to penalize you.

Spell all words correctly

I corrected all of Japanese grammatical errors.


Technique 14: Make your keyword just a few times in the post
Do not put the keyword too much. 5 to 10 keywords in an article are okay.


Technique 15: Look for an image to add to your content

The image allows you to do an alt text, you can have your keyword as well.

Text added in images for SEO
All of images got “alt” and “title” texts.


Technique 16: Embed your map on your website
Just type in your address in Google maps and put the embedded map on your website.


Technique 17: Put in a YouTube video into your article
YouTube is becoming the biggest search platform nowadays.

Adding video in the article for SEO

I added some related videos.


I introduced 17 effective SEO techniques in the article.

I will be leaving my site for one week or so to know if it gets effectiveness or not by these 17 techniques.