[Node.js] Some important terms and function

This article introduces some important terms and functions for Node.js application development.


MongoDB is the “NoSQL type” database. To use MongoDB with Node.js, module “Mongoose” should be installed.

What is MongoDB?

“NoSQL” type database is recently chosen especially in use of searching huge amount of Big Data.

MongoDB is one of the NoSQL and also one of the document-oriented database. In document oriented MongoDB the data is saved as document comparing with SQL database that saves its data in its table.

What is Mongoose?

Mongoose is the module to use MongoDB with Node.js.  Mongoose needs to prepare its original schema that MongoDB does not have.

var Schema = mongoose.Schema;


Sail.js is the package module for application development by MVC architecture.

What is MVC architecture?

“Model”, “view” and “controller” are called MVC for short. MVC is the architecture to develop professional application faster.

  • Model : For data management. The role is to access database and retrieve needed information.
  • View : For display. The role is to display the pages on client side.
  • Controller : For whole control. The role is to control whole application and access to view and model to handle requests from client.

What is Sails.js?

Sails.js is the package module for Node.js based on MVC architecture.

Sails.js has variety of functions to support application development.

  • Automating generation : Sail.js can generate application itself and basic files of Controller and Model.
  • Database : Sail.js had database program in its default so that you do not need to prepare any database.
  • ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) : To map database and JavaScript object to handle data of database.
  • ESJ template engine and layout function : Sail.js’s view uses EJS for its template engine.

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