Want your web sites reformed to WordPress theme? Simplest WordPress file structure


For bloggers and marketers who need to share your information by web, considering WordPress is the almost best way to launch your web platform.

Because WordPress by far has the highest efficiency of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
It has already many selection of tools so that you can concentrate on your writing contents more than being struggling just “how to share them”.

Many of marketer or blogger would like to make their original WordPress theme design but it is bit hard to reform from just a html/css/js web design to WordPress PHP theme for most of non-programmers.

WordPress theme file structure

So that here is the overview of WordPress theme file structure that is the hardest part to understand for non-programmers.

Here is the actual sites for the example.


Basic steps to make html/css sites to WordPress theme

  1. Install WordPress application
  2. Divide index.html to each php file
  3. Install plugins and edit contents in WordPress console

Divide index.html to every php files

This section explains how to divide original index.html to php files. “front-page.php” calls “header.php”, “footer.php” files and these three should work together to display the one page.


Basic concept of “front-page.php”

Every <?php blabla ?>“s are php code. As you can see , php codes and htmls can be written with mixing together in one file.  Please just do not forget to add <?php   ?> braces to switch to php from html.

Other files

Other files, “index.php” and “functions.php”,  though they look not to work anything, are also important files. These files are like this.


The web server will start to read “index.php” first and always need it. You may use index.php  for your top page instead of front-page.php, but just keep “index.php” and edit “front-page.php” for your actual contents.


“functions.php” file is like a small application that can stock small function like displaying eye catch images and setting numbers of characters for the excerpt part, etc. “functions.php”  will be called from each php files when the files need the function.

All php files for the project

All php files for the projects are in my Github.