Build a Markdown Converter – with JavaScript library “marked”


Markdown is a lightweight markup language with plain text formatting syntax. It is designed so that it can be converted to HTML and many other formats using a tool by the same name.

Markdown is often used to format read me files, for writing messages in online discussion forums, and to create rich text using a plain text editor. As the initial description of Markdown contained ambiguities and unanswered questions, many implementations and extensions of Markdown appeared over the years to answer these issues.

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Build a Markdown Converter with JavaScript library

Like this, now we can say all technical writers are requested to leave from Microsoft Word files for their writing.

Here is the index.html source of this converter that is very light and can be used in your local environments.

If we need to make online help, we should write in markdown style then just convert to HTML by this tool to pass to your client for their complete editing.

JavaScript library “marked”

The HTML converter is created by JavaScript library “marked” that is very useful library to convert markdown to HTML. We do not need to write any converted table from characters for markdown to HTML tags.

You may just include the library into your HTML file.

For more details about the library click the link  library “marked”.


I found building a Markdown Converter works to know JavaScript for all learners.


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